November 10th Performance: Recordings and Program Notes

The Interchange Technique is a solution to the logistical problems associated with producing live musical theater, opera, chamber and orchestral music. By making parts interchangeable and playable by multiple instrumentalists, productions have a new element of scalability. Additionally, multiple arrangements of a given work could be created from its inception; that is, a single orchestra piece will instantaneously be prepared for string quartet, brass quartet, etc.

The Interchange Technique

The structure uses 8 numbered parts, each with an A/B subdivision. In its full complement, the instrumentation can mostly accommodate a full orchestra, chamber orchestra, or wind ensemble.

Each part can be played on at least 5 different major instruments, and several of their minor counterparts. Likewise, each instrumentalist can play at least three different numbered parts, including both of its A/B subdivision.

Chart of preliminary parts layout and ranges using Interchange Technique.
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Chart of preliminary ensemble combinations using Interchange Technique.
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November 10th Exhibition Concert

Below is the performance order and audio from the exhibition concert on November 10th, 2012. The orchestration spanned parts 3A through 6B, realized by at string quartet (mostly in the “A” subdivision), and a wind quartet (mostly in the “B” subdivision).

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  1. Conny says:

    Christine – not understanding much of music theory (or really any music theory), I listened to your composition. As Jackie said, they were beautiful pieces. As I listened more, I began to hear some of the different instruments play the different parts (although not all of the time!). I am in awe by the development of such a theory by you and your application of it. I am only able to grasp alittle at what you are doing but wanted you to know how first and foremost the music was lovely and second what a marvel it is to experience something so innovative. Conny

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